Mixing Creativity While Deciding On Your Wedding Cake Design

So you are getting married? I am sure that which wedding cake design to choose is on your mind! There is a wide variety to choose from. Your wedding cake can be as glam, contemporary or traditional as you like. A Bridal shower cake signifies the joy and ecstasy of celebrating the beginning of a new life. Although designing a wedding cake may sound complex, the number of professional bridal cakes bakeries coming up eases the problem. You just have to pick one from the large variety available. Also the other important accessories like the decoration, cake topping and designer wedding cake box have to be decided on. All of these are easily available in the market. There are a number of internet sites selling everything as a complete package.

Choosing A Wedding Cake Design

Bridal cakes have always been of great importance in all wedding arrangements. Your wedding cake can be the centerpiece extraordinaire or just a simple, elegant cake. There are numerous varieties available. The only limiting factor is your budget. But the most exotic and coordinated wedding cake design can be something which goes with the color and feel of your wedding dress, flowers and decoration settings. Out of a simple make, you can create an excellent variant. Deviating from a classic white to a pastel color changes the entire look of wedding cakes. Going by the number of people attending your marriage, the cake can be from two to three tiers. There are many flavors to choose from. Fruitcake is a traditional cake. Flavor variant can be chocolate, banana, carrot, lemon Madeira cake, truffle, hazelnut and almond filling. If you choose a multi tiered one, each tier can be of different flavor.

How Creative Can You Be

Wedding cake design appears more creative if its decoration is planned well. Embroidery design with colored cream can completely change the look of your cake. A simple arrangement of fresh flowers on the top of a tiered cake can make it look amazing. You can try roses, peonies, orchids or lilies. You can add some floating decorations on your cake by wiring few butterflies, hearts or flowers to hover above your cake.

Presenting Your Bridal Cake

No matter how deliberate you have been in choosing your cake, it is imperative that the cake should reach the cake cutting ceremony in the perfect shape with all its decorations intact. Thus you might also want to take a look at the wedding cake box that the baker has. Also if you plan to bring the cake to the party in its box and open the surprise package right in the middle of excitement, then a designer wedding cake box is what you will have to go for. Finally the presentation of the cake will only be complete if you have a knife which goes along the occasion. Only then is your presentation complete.


The variety of wedding cakes available in the market today is amazing. You can even have a look at amazing designs or order them on the internet. All you have to do is be clear about what you are looking for and have a wedding cake design in your mind.